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Free Recycling and Disposal Service for Your Home PC Printer Keyboards Laptops and Electronics E-Waste & PC Recycling
For Residents of New York and New Jersey
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Computer and Electronics Waste Management Licences: CDG100002 & PCP040001
Recycling Center NJ PA
  E-Waste Recycling Service For NJ & NY Residents
Home PC and Printer Disposal
  Why recycle E-Waste?
There are 4 good reasons to recycle your homes electrical and computer junk, they are listed below:
Eco Friendly to Recycle
E-Waste & Computer Disposal

Old TV sets, Computers, Laptops, Cell Phones and Home Printers contain toxic substances. The only way to ensure that these toxins do not pollute our environment and drinking water is to keep them out of refuse landfill sites. The best way to keep your old home computers, TV’s, printers and phones out of a landfill site is to have them stripped apart by hand and their core materials recycled.
Identity Theft Prevention
Computer & E-Waste Recycling

You’ve probably already thought about security and identity theft. Nowadays we have everything on our home computers and even though you think information has been deleted it may still be possible to retrieve credit card details and all sorts of personal, private information. My PC totally destroys the hard drives and any information held on them as part of the recycling process.
Ecology & Economy
E-Waste & Computer Recycling

By recycling you are not just helping with ecology but you are also helping with the economy. Recycling your unwanted home computers, printers, TV sets, stereos and households e-waste is good for the economy because it creates jobs. has created hundreds of jobs in the USA and contributes reclaimed materials back into our industry, making us stronger and less dependent on imports.
Home Computer and Keyboard Disposal
Recycling Service
E-Waste & Computer Disposal

It is now illegal to dump your old PC’s, TV’s, Keyboards and other such e-waste with the regular trash. By law, you have to dispose of your unwanted home electronics through an approved recycler. My PC disposal .com has been created to help you recycle legally, &, it's !
Home PC keyboard and computer monitor disposal
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  E-Waste & PC Recycling for Homes in NJ & NY
E-waste disposal and computer recycling service.
Welcome to, also accessible as This is an E-waste recycling website for the residents of New York and New Jersey. The purpose of this website is to provide NJ & NY citizens with a home electronics and computer disposal service. is not designed to help with regular garbage collection. However, offers an e-waste garbage disposal service which is especially designed to manage old, unwanted, broken or obsolete home computers, printers, scanners, cell phones and other such electronic computer related devices. All domestic e-waste and PC disposal is managed securely and in absolute confidence. Your computer hard drives are wiped clean of data and destroyed without ever being accessed. Everything you send to us, from PC�s, home gaming computers, printers, TV sets, keyboards to stereos are separated by hand into their scrap materials. These waste materials are reclaimed from various recycling processes and as a result kept out of landfills. In using this website and the recycling services offered by you are doing your bit for the planet and future generations. Thank you for making the right choice legally and ethically.
Home E-Waste Disposal
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Computer Recycling and Disposal of Office PC's
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